520 sugar glider
520 sugar glider
520 sugar glider

520 sugar glider

Model NO.

520 Sugar Glider

520 sugar glider adopts the impact crushing method. After the material enters the crushing chamber, it is impacted by six movable hammers running at high speed. After the gear ring and the material collide with each other, they are crushed. The crushing fineness is determined by the mesh screen.

520 sugar glider has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, good working performance, etc., and is suitable for crushing granulated sugar.

Parameter Specification:

Main Spindle Speed (rpm)440044003310
Capacity (kg/h)100~300100~500200~1000
Motor Power (kw)7.51122
Smashing Fineness (mesh)20~12020~12050~200
Body Size (mm)700*500*1500700*500*15503665*1265*2580

Main Advantage:

1. Alloy steel disc and cutter head.

2. Suitable for grinding heat sensitive materials.

3. The output size can be adjusted by changing the filter screen.

Flow Chart:

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