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Almond Chocolate Production Line

Almond Chocolate Production Line

With the increase of chocolate categories, in order to meet tastes of customers , while changing the chocolate, various nuts (broken biscuits, MM beans and puffed rice) are added to the filling, which has a strong cocoa fragrance, the flavors combine to form a delicious chocolate.

The production equipment for this type of chocolate is more complicated, but a complete production line can produce various types of chocolate. First melt the solid fat in the melting tank, pour the granulated sugar into the sugar grinder machine and smash it for using. Then transfer the liquid butter to the conche by pump. According to the formula, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, milk powder, whey powder, etc. are added to the conche in sequence. Generally, chocolate filling and chocolate have different recipes, which require two separate conche to grind. In the conche, the chocolate mass is grinder through mixing and stirring to achieve the effects of homogenization, emulsification and deodorization. After 10-12 hours, the chocolate is grind to below 25 microns. The chocolate filling and chocolate are respectively transported to the corresponding holding tank for storage in preparation for the next step of molding.

If the chocolate is real chocolate, a tempering machine is needed to adjust the temperature. The chocolate mass is transported from the holding tank to the tempering machine by a pump, and the tempered chocolate mass is transported to the molding machine by pressure for forming. The crushed pieces or whole pieces of nuts in the middle of the chocolate, crushed biscuits, puffed rice, etc., need a separate nuts sprinkling device. After passing through the mold heating device, the mold moves under the depositor, the photoelectric sensor detects that the mold is in place, and the chocolate is dropped onto the mold. After vibration, the mold is transported to the mold rotating device and turned 360 degrees, and the excess chocolate flakes are poured into the material pool below. The mold rotates 360 degrees, and the excess material on the grinding disc is cleaned up after the scraping device. The mold will continue to run to the nuts sprinkler device. The nuts can be evenly sprinkle in mold. The mold with nuts is continuously running to the second depositor. After the mold passes, move to the third depositor to pour the final chocolate for capping. If the customer needs to add biscuits in this chocolate, or make Karamir sandwich, the lower biscuits and karamir vertical depositor can be added in the middle of the second and three depositor.

Flow Chart:

Almond Chocolate Production LineEquipment List:

Equipment Name Quantity (sets) Configuration
SFJ320 Sugar Grinder 1 required
RYJ500 Fat Melting Tank 1 required
QYJ1000 Conche 2 required
QBJ1000 Holding Tank 2 required
DTJ35 Chocolate delivery pump 4 required
Q113-510 Chocolate Moulding Line 1 required
Nuts sprinkler 1 required
Magnetic filter 2 Optional
Cold water tower 1 Optional

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