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Snickers Production Line

Snickers production line

Snickers requires a professional Snickers production line to produce.

1st step is to prepare nougat: melt the syrup in the sugar melting pot, and transfer the melted syrup to the vacuum sugar boiling inflatable mixer to boil the sugar and prepare nougat. If there are nuts in the nougat, feed the prepared nougat into a blender and mix it with the nuts. The nougat is fed to the hopper by a hoist for production.

2nd step Prepare the caramels: Melt the syrup in the sugar pot and pump the melted syrup into the toffee pot for the caramels. The prepared caramel is conveyed to a mixer above the four rollers to be mixed with nuts, and the mixed nuts are conveyed to a hopper above the press rollers for production. The first layer of nougat is pressed out through the double roller ice water press. When the nougat is conveyed below the four roller ice water press, the caramel with dried fruit is pressed out and covers the first layer of nougat to form the second layer of caramel. Rolled nougat and caramel go into cooling tunnels for cooling. After cooling, it enters the double cutting separation, and then enters the reciprocating transverse cutting tool for crosscutting. The cut product enters the coating machine for chocolate coating and then enters the cooling tunnel for cooling. Snickers is finished.

Vacuum sugar boiling inflatable mixer, nut mixer, hoist, toffee sugar boiling pot platform, double roller ice water leveling machine, leveling conveyor, nut mixer, four roller ice water leveling machine, 20m refrigerator, double hob, strip cutting, high and low belt shunting conveying system, double servo reciprocating cutting system (with mechanical knife), coating machine (with cold channel).

Flow Chart:

Snickers production line

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