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M&M Beans Production Line

M&M beans Production Line

M&M bean is a popular chocolate product for children and adults. First, the chocolate mass is ground by conche, and then the chocolate mass is transported to holding tank through pump for insulation. Next, the chocolate mass is transferred to the M&M production line by pump, which is made by ice water roller. After cooling and screening, the core of M&M beans is formed. After cooling for 24 hours, the M&M bean are poured into polisher machine for coloring. Finally, the M&M bean are greened so that the color does not fade without friction.

Flow Chart:

M&M beans Production Line

Equipment List:

Equipment Name Quantity (sets) Configuration
SFJ320 Sugar Grinder 1 required
RYJ500 Fat Melting Tank 1 required
QYJ1000 Conche 2 required
QBJ1000 Holding Tank 2 required
DTJ35 Chocolate delivery pump 4 required
M&M bean production line 1 required
PGJ1250 Polishing machine 4 required
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