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Chocolate Peanut Production Line

Chocolate Peanut Production Line

Chocolate peanut is one of the popular chocolate products in recent years. Using simple recipe and equipment. Chocolate peanut after Chocolate coating, balancing, coloring and Polishing. First making chocolate mass by conche machine after grinding transfer to chocolate holding tank. If the customer doesn't plan to produce a chocolate slurry by himself, can also choose to buy a chocolate semi-finished product, melt the chocolate transfer to holding tank for using. Peanuts poured into the polishing machine, poured into or sprayed into the chocolate mass through the slurry system, requiring intermittent replacement of hot wind and cold wind during the coating process. Wrap the chocolate mass on the surface of the peanut. After the coating is completed, need to staticing for 24 hours then pour it into the polishing machine to carry out color and brightening oil polishing.

Flow Chart:

Chocolate Peanut Production LineEquipment List:

Equipment Name Quantity (sets) Configuration
SFJ320 sugar grinder 1 Required
RYJ500 Fat Melting Tank 1 Required
QYJ1000 Conche 1 Required
QBJ1000 Holding Tank 1 Required
DTJ35 Chocolate delivery pump 3 Required
PGJ1000 Polishing Mahcine 2 Required

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